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Once You Uncover The Chains It Becomes Easier To Make Progress To Your Dreams

From the desk of: Philip Wride
Location: Dubai

We all know that Covid changed the world and that from the lockdowns and remote working people started to see their lives differently.

I was no different.

But I started seeing the world differently because of something else.

At the start of 2020 I broke my neck playing rugby and didn't get the surgery that I was told I needed.

I had faith that my body was strong enough to heal the break.

As the lockdowns happened I started a journey of personal development and watched videos online, took courses and attended online seminars.

I found a purpose and way to contribute by using my 20 years of experience in the videogames industry to create learning resources based on videogames and started supporting children and schools.

From that point I started supporting parents with how to effectively manage screen time and online safety for their children.

But during this whole process I found something else.

I created a model and framework for helping parents change their perspective and understanding about devices and screen time for their children. It was called the "12 parenting truths" and was the first step in helping them more effectively manage screen time and online safety.

And as I started providing online training to parents, and sessions in schools, I kept looking at this model and framework.

The more I looked at it the more I realised it applied to everything in life.

The "12 parenting truths" turned into the "12 chains", the things that hold us back from living a life of freedom. Now I'm trying to break more of those chains in my own life and create more freedom for myself.

I stopped giving in to pressure and made the decision to stop drinking alcohol in the summer of 2022. At the end of 2022 I had broken through fear and published my first book. In May 2023 I had gained the knowledge to launch my first podcast. 

I'm inviting you to join me on this journey and to explore the 12 chains with me so that you too can break free of them, change your life and live in the freedom that you dream of.

The first step is to join the community. When you're a member of the community you'll receive regular emails and links to videos/content exploring the 12 chains and what you can do to break them and start changing your own life.

And by joining today I'm also going to send you a free eBook outlining how the 12 chains fit together and which are the quickest and easiest to break so you can make immediate progress towards a different life, a better life.

So this is your chance, your opportunity, to do things differently and create your own freedom

See you on the inside.

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The '12 Chains Holding You Back From Freedom' eBook
Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How To Start Shattering The 12 Chains So You Can Experience More Freedom In Life And Business...

Here’s What You’ll Learn:



Sometimes life can feel like it's going at a million miles an hour and we don't have time for anything.

So we take shortcuts and actions that don't serve us in the long run. Chain #3 is about Convenience and..

  • How to change our thinking around what's convenient
  • Why we make the wrong decisions and take the wrong actions
  • The Negative - Positive spectrum and identifying where you sit



We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But sometimes we let Time disappear on meaningless activities that don't move us forward.

Time can be our biggest ally if we use it wisely. As we explore Chain #7 you'll uncover ways to bend Time.

  • How to stop being tricked by Time and learn to become the master
  • Using your energy and finding things that fuel you
  •  How to get more Time for the things that matter



We all suffer from Fear. But fear is just an image we create in our heads about things that might happen in the future.

Once you learn to control and overcome Fear you can move forward and experience the life you dream of.

  •  Identifying our Fear and what it means to us
  • Rating our Fear so we can break free of it
  • Turning our Fear into fuel to supercharge our progress to freedom

Ready To Create More Freedom In Your Life And Your Business?

What You Can Expect

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  • Frustrated with your life and feeling like you are living to other peoples rules
  • Have no idea how to achieve the freedom you dream of
  • Concerned that time is passing you by and that you aren't making any progress
  • ​Have no support in understanding how to change

After You Join

  • Achieve a crystal clear direction for how to achieve freedom
  • Feel confident you have the right tools and tactics to change your current situation
  • Understand why certain behaviours are presented
  • ​Able to move forward in breaking through the 12 chains

About Your Guide - Philip Wride

If you are wondering who I am and the journey I'm on here is a short summary.

  • I've been an entrepreneur and freelancer since the age of 16
  • ​Over the past 22 years I've worked for gaming companies like EA SPORTS and Disney, and consulted for global brands and governments
  • ​In 2020 I broke my neck playing rugby and left it to heal naturally
  • ​After starting a personal development journey I wrote my first book "Watch Us Play" which combines sections on managing screen time and online safety with how videogames can be used to support learning and skill development
  • ​Now I'm using the "12 chains" model to find more freedom in my own life and to share this model with others to help them achieve their own freedom

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